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HumanaVision Lasik

Reduced fees

Lasik procedures are available if you are nearsighted or have astigmatism and wear glasses or contacts.2 We have contracted with many well-known facilities and eye doctors to offer these procedures at substantially reduced fees.

You can take advantage of these low fees when procedures are done by network providers. The network locations listed below offer the following prices (per eye):

  Conventional / Traditional Custom
(designated locations only)
$895 $1,295 $1,895*
LasikPlus free
enhancements for 1 year
LasikPlus free
enhancements for life
LasikPlus free
enhancements for life
QualSight LASIK
QualSight free
enhancements for 1 year
with QualSight Lifetime
Assurance Plan
$1,320 $1,995*
with QualSight Lifetime
Assurance Plan
*with IntraLaseTM

Opening doors to better vision for thousands of people – with affordable Lasik procedures1

Network doctors can help you understand these new procedures and provide access to our network of Lasik providers.

You can also use independent Lasik provider network doctors to receive a 10% discount from usual and customary prices and pay no more than $1,800 per eye for Conventional Lasik and $2,300 per eye for Custom Lasik.

Easy access to service

During your comprehensive eye health examination, your doctor can determine if you are a candidate for Lasik. If you qualify, the doctor can also make arrangements for the procedure with one of the centers that participates in this program. You need a referral to receive Lasik discounts. For a referral, please talk to your doctor or call the toll-free numbers listed above.

Your HumanaVision ID card verifies your eligibility for Lasik discounts. You can obtain a list of providers by using our online HumanaVision VCP Provider locator tool or By calling a Customer Care Specialist at 800-865-3676.

This discount cannot be combined with any other discount or promotional offer.

The HumanaVision Lasik program is not affiliated with any medical or health plan.

1 Laser-assisted in-situ keratomileusis

2 If qualified as a Lasik candidate by the network doctor

3 Nearsighted better than -2 with astigmatism better than -1 and other restrictions apply

The Lasik program is a discount only for HumanaVision members and is not a covered benefit.

Insured by Humana Insurance Company or CompBenefits Insurance Company, or The Dental Concern, Inc.

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